Coronavirus – Sew A Mask Information

We have compiled a series of vetted links that can help you help doctors, nurses, hospital staff, and shelter volunteers during this critical time. If you can sew a basic straight line, you can do this! Also, making masks for friends and family is a great way of showing you care. Please remember these are not a replacement for professionally made N95 masks, but with attention to detail they can come close to the quality of disposable surgical masks (and they can also be used to wear over N95 masks to extend their use). We know you have a lot of questions, the people who created the below resources went to great lengths to answer them. Information below addresses which materials to use to make DIY masks, where to mail them, how to prep and disinfect, and much more. We are simply passing this information forward- we did not create it. 

“I want to make masks! How can I help?” A guide for home sewists

Start here. This will answer a lot of your questions as you prepare to help.

Updated 4/3/2020 – Latest Guidelines for Mask Materials / Patterns

There are so many mixed messages out there- take a look here for the latest vetted, approved materials and patterns.

Medically Vetted DIY Surgical Masks 

A wonderful place to start in figuring out what materials you need and how to make masks that medical staff can use. Some of these designs are actually intended to go over existing N95 masks, to help them last longer.

Feeling social? And crafty? Here’s the wonderful facebook group where we found most of the links on this page.

They are a treasure trove of information and update daily. It’s a great resource for makers in general – they even have information for 3D printers. It’s also a great way to get connected to local groups and find out more about local hospitals and places which are in need. 

Feeling Social but only want craft related information? Here’s a craft specific facebook group

We haven’t spent a lot of time on this group yet, but they come recommended. As we learn more about them we’ll updated this description. For now, we still believe the original facebook group we recommended is stronger in medically vetting its mask designs.

Here is more information on why and how anyone in engineering, manufacturing, sewing, crafting, 3D printing can help

Are you a community organizer who can help get the masks out? This is the link for you

Please consider donating to this NY doctors group who is using the money to secure N95 Masks. 

If you are considering sewing gowns for the gown shortage, here is a link to medical grade fabrics 

If you have other reputable masks/medical supplies fundraising pages, please email us a link and we will consider placing it here.

A final note: We highly recommend you read through all of the above links before starting. Why? Because this is a fluid situation and information changes hourly. The links will be updated with the latest information. 

Have questions? Try to reach out directly to people in the above facebook groups- they know more than we do – and posts get answered almost immediately. We’ll try to help –  we’re just new at this, too

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